1977 Cessna Sky Hawk 172 Fresh Annual May 1st

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1977 Cessna 172 for sale. TSMOH 56 hrs + new Prop + fresh annual>>> **The plane was first flown in late 1976, but the serial number falls under the 1977 maintenance manual.**This is a really nice 172 that has been hangered and well maintained ALL AD's are up to date. Has Excellent compression's and low Oil consumption, have all log books, no damage history, 1.5 years left on Pitot/Static cert.  lots of new items.Avionics:Dual MX 385 navcomsCessna audio panelKN 64 DMEKLN 35 GPSCessna 359 transponder with encoderCessna audio panelEngine:0-320-H2AD160 HpOverhauled CarbOverhauled MagsNew wiring on the alternatorNew prop 110 hrs snewNew quick drain oil plugAirframe:73xx Hours Total Time AirframeInterior:INTERIOR 2008 - Rated ''9''Exterior:PAINT 2008 Jet Glow - Rated ''9'' Equipment:Newer Lord shimmy dampenerAll newer cowl Lord mountsAll newer interior plastic including headlinerAll newer seat rails(4) New propNew fuel selectorNew tiresYou will be responsible for doing your homework.You will be responsible for pick up and delivery.  If you have questions please let me know and  I will try to answer as soon as I can after working hours.Once you buy the aircraft you will be responsible for your aircraft ex: payment, tie downs, insurance, registration etc...

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Archer 181 Piper Cherokee 1977 Fresh Annual Ready To Fly Anywhere

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 1977 Piper Archer

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1977 Cessna T210, 280 Hrs Total Time

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This is a 1977 model  Cessna Turbo 210M with 280 hours since new!!   There is absolutely no damage history.  It still has original paint, original upholstery and carpet, original instruments and radios, and original logbooks.  It still has full gear doors (last model).  All glass is clear and bright.  All the interior trim plastic is like new.  Not a hint of corrosion anywhere. 

The Story:

The original owner bought the airplane from a Cessna Dealer and flew it for a year or so until one day,  he brought it home, put it in the hangar and never flew it again.  In 1997, my brother and I bought it from the family.  At the time, we owned a FBO and intended to add it to our charter and rental fleet.  We took it into our shop and, as time allowed, we did the following work:

We removed the engine cylinders and had them ground to 5 thousands oversize (P005) to remove all imperfections and pitting, refaced the intake and exhaust valves and seats, and modified the rocker arm retention per CSB 92-6. `

With the cylinders off, we removed the lifters and inspected the camshaft for unusual wear or pitting.  Finding none we coated the lobes with molybdenum disulfide per CSB 91-9. 

The turbocharger was sent to Main Turbo for overhaul.

The fuel and oil hoses were replaced by TSO c53a type D permanent hoses.

The engine was reassembled with new pistons, rings(P005), wrist pins, valve keepers,  new “full flow” intake and exhaust lifters, new rocker shafts, new motor mount rubbers, intake hoses and alternator belt.

The magnetos were gone through with new bearing kits, points, distributor gears, seals, and distributor block (rt).  Also installed 12 new iridium spark plugs (RHB-32S).

On the airframe, we replace all tires (the old ones still said “Cessna Crafted”), resealed the nose strut, the shimmy dampener, and both wheel brake cylinders.  Replaced all brake linings.

The oxygen regulator and cylinders were sent in for overhaul and hydro test.

The fuel system vents were modified by SK210-100A and fuel caps were replaced with reduced dimension “umbrella” caps in SK210-136A1.

Because of battery leakage, the ELT was replaced by a new ACK model E-01 with panel remote.


By the time this work was finished, our charter work had diminished, we felt that the airplane was too nice to let the renters beat it up, so we drained the entire fuel system and put it back in our climate controlled hangar.

Which brings us up to the present---

This spring (2014) we decided to put the airplane on the market.  We installed a new Gill G-242 battery and fresh ELT batteries.  We put it up on jacks and cycled the landing gear several time to confirm there are no leaks in the hydraulic system and the gear doors are snug fit.  Next we added fresh 100LL and confirmed no fuel leaks. 

The propeller was removed and sent to Western Propeller where it was disassembled and  inspected.  There it was discovered that the hub had been misdrilled at the factory.  The hub was replaced with a later model serviceable hub and the propeller was reassembled with new seals and reinstalled.

The engine was run to check operation of prop/governor, check magneto function, check alternator output, and check proper operation of turbocharger/wastegate/controller.  Then the oil and filter were changed, the screens were inspected and the cylinder compression was tested (all cylinders 75/80 or better).

The annual inspection was completed, all AD’s and several service bulletins were complied with.  The aircraft was washed, test flown and then shined up like a new penny.

Do not miss the opportunity to own the cleanest, lowest time Cessna T-210 in the world!!

The winning bidder must make a $2,000 deposit by Paypal within 24 hrs, and then contact us to make arrangements for final payment and pickup. Feel free to contact us with any questions

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1963 Cessna 310h Twin Engine. Ready To Fly

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1963 Cessna 310H. Twin Engine5409 TT, 462 SMOH, 462 SPOH.Apollo SL15M, Garmin 430, KX155 w/ KI209, GTX 327, KN64, KCS 55A, JPI 760, EI V/A meter, side brace kit, PTT x2, Ident, Tug, cover, hangared. Annual Due 9/1/2015Plane is in great all around condition, Ready to fly. Great little plane. Retired Flyer. I live on a private air strip in Prineville, OR. We can schedule a showing for you to fly or drive down to look at it. Feel free to ask any questions. I will respond as soon as possible.

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Cessna Citation Sic Type Rating

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CESSNA CITATION PILOT TRAINING GALVESTON, TEXASSecond in Command Type RatingBuyer must have at least a Private Pilot License, with a Multi-Engine Rating, and an Instrument Rating.  Second in Command Type Rating will be issued by the FAA upon successful completion of training.  The FAA will issue a new Pilot Certificate with "CE500" Type Rating on the back.The CE500 Type Rating covers the following Citation jets:Citation I, Citation II, Citation SII, Citation 500, Citation 501, Citation 550, Citation 560, Citation Bravo, Citation V, Citation Ultra, Citation Encore.Additional endorsements that are included at no additional charge, if time permits: BFR, Flight Review, High Altitude Endorsement, Instrument Proficiency Check, these endorsements are included, where applicable, time permitting.Accelerated training available, and can be completed in 1-2 days........or, you can opt for up to 10 hours of training that can be completed in 1-2 weeks.  All training is subject to weather delays, and instructor availability.Ascent Aviation offers two ways to complete the training........a "long course" which gives the pilot more actual flying under operational conditions, up to 10 hours of flight training in the jet, acting as Second in Command, this course takes 1-2 weeks.The "long course" is flown under  FAR Part 91, the flights are not scheduled, and become available on short notice. The "short course" is pure "one on one" pilot training with a very experienced Citation Flight Instructor.The "short course" meets the minimum requirements. All flights are operated under FAR Part 91. Both courses are the same price. Buyers can choose which course they prefer. The best deal is the long course.....but, it's not going to work for someone that does not live in the Houston area. If you are not a Houston resident, the short course will work.Price includes fuel, Citation jet flight time, Citation Flight Instructor. I have completed many Citation  Second in Command Type Ratings, it's fun, it's informative, it makes a great gift for an aviation enthusiast, or a great addition to an existing pilot license.  For an aspiring Commercial Pilot......the experience is invaluable...!!  The jet is based on beautiful Galveston Island.Buyer is responsible for all incidental expenses, such as charts, FAA required publications, hotels, transportation, sales tax, bank fees, etc.  Most flights will originate from the following airports: KGLS, KEFD, KHOU, KSGR, T41. Ascent Aviation will not provide ground transportation, or hotels.  Suitable hotels are located in Webster, Texas, League City, Texas and Galveston, Texas. Please make arrangements for rental cars and hotels in advance.  There are no additional checkride fees.Full payment is required prior to the start of training.

Citation trips that are currently available for "Second in Command" operational experience.  May 25th, May 26th, May 29th, June 1st, June 3rd, June, 5th.. June 7th, June 9th, June 12th, June 16th, June 19th, June 22nd, June 25th, June 28th, July 1st, July 3, July 5, July 7, July 10, July 11, July 13, July 16, July 18, July 20, July 23, July 25, July 29.These trips are subject to change, and additional trips are scheduled on short notice.Ascent Aviation 281.867.5464orMike at 281.853.5037 if you have any questions.

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1977 Cessna Super Hawk 172/180 Conversion + 250 Gross Stc

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1977 Cessna 172/180 Superhawk for sale.1977 Cessna 172 has newly overhauled magnetos, new windows, tires, LED landing light, newer plastic overhead interior. Garmin 296 GPS, Garmin 327 transponder, Narco NAV/COMM W/GS, It has been flown regularly on a weekly basis. Current annual Due 8-1-2015.  Pitot/static & transponder check was completed 7-11-2014. ELT check was also completed 1-2-14. Comes with new black seat belts (front & rear), wheel pants, have ALL log books, Ready to fly to a new home. Great time builder and trainer.   Buying as is no warranty. The AirPlains 180 hp O-360-A4M in my '77 172N has resulted in about a 10 knot cruise speed improvement and a huge rate of climb increase. It also has the 250 pound gross weight increase STC from AirPlains.Hours may change as it may be test flown during listing.Gross Weight: 2550 lbs.Empty Weight: 1479 lbs.Useful Load: 1071 lbs.A/C TT: 9,2xx hrsET:3,1xx hrsLycoming O-360-A4MLast Compressions: 75-77-76-78 (11-2-2014)STC'ed 180hp conversion by AirPlains.located near TAC AIR at KAPA.You will be responsible for doing your homework.You will be responsible for pick up and delivery.  If you have questions please let me know and  I will try to answer as soon as I can after working hours.Once you buy the aircraft you will be responsible for your aircraft ex: payment, tie downs insurance, registration etc...

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1968 Cessna 150 H Airplane Aircraft

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1968 CESSNA 150H BASED AT KSEG • $22,995 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • Annual good to Dec 31, 2015. Runs great, flies great, many extras! NDH. Garmin GTX 225 Radio, mode C trans, new carpet & battery, locking doors w/ key, airplane cover, FAA approved back seat, new shoulder harnesses, log books, window seals, CD parts manual, good compressions, rubber yoke mounted push-to-talk switches, pitot heat, yoke mounted Garmin 796 GPS cradle hard wired to Garmin GTX225. GPS is optional in purchase. Additional $1500 for 796. Airplane comes w/ Garmin 296. Air frame TT 5368, engine time 1884.5. Burns no oil. Starts right up. Needs good home. Based at KSEG, Pennsylvania. Come take it for a ride. $22,995 OBO 570-372-0905 Selling my baby to upgrade to a larger aircraft.

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1956 Beech T-34b Mentor "0" Smoh On 260hp

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1956 Beechcraft T-34B Mentor  "0" SMOH by America's Aircraft Engine Rebuilders in Tulsa Ok, engine has Warranty, 50 SMOH on Beech Prop and Governor. Annual is current till September 2015, Arrangments can be made for fresh annual before pickup,  All AD's complied in 2013 by T-34 spar Corporation/Gami/Tornado Alley in Ada Oklahoma. Paint is 9/10, interior 8/10, Canopy 9/10, all control surfaces re-skinned by Biggs.  Airplane is as clean inside all inspection panels as it looks on the outside, truly a beautiful aircraft inside and out. N9HX, fly's wonderfully and has plenty of power,  This is your chance to purchase a almost 60 year old aircraft that looks almost new, and fly it for years without any for seen maintenance for a long, long time!  Aircraft is for sale locally and can be seen at Stigler, OK (KGZL).  For questions please call Steve at (918)448-0543






PN 101 HSI











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1929 Travel Air 4000 Low Time Rare Restored Antique Biplane

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1929 Travel Air 4000  868TT  13SMOH on 225 Lyc  8/14 Annual  Standard CategoryUp for sale is my 29 Travel Air I've owned for a little over 3yrs. The plane was rebuilt/restored from the ground up over several years  from the late 90s to the early 00s. The plane looks and flys great. It is basic VFR currently with no radios. Has dual controls with the wide 2passenger seat up front. The only thing I would change/upgrade if I were to keep and or give rides is replace the old exspander tube brakes with Clevelands for better stopping power. The plane had a very extensive annual in August. Engine was overhauled by Radials Ltd. in OK. All compressions at annual were in the mid-upper 70s. The plane is hangared in Tompkinsville KY (TZV) feel free to come look before bidding. My # is 270-670-6738PLEASE NO TIRE-KICKERS PLEASE DONT OFFER/BUY UNLESS YOU ARE ABLE TO COMPLETE PURCHASE. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY PLEASE. HAVE HAD A FEW LOW BALLERS IN THE 60's-70's.

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Newer 1976 Piper Cherokee Pa28 150hp No Reserve

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bid only if you have the intention and the money to buy,Bidders with 0 or more than 10% negative feedback must contact me before bidding !!, no trades, this is a no reserve auction the minimum it the starting price (low-ballers do not waste you're time)read everything carefully I write down everything to my best knowledge, ask all questions before bidding, if you send me you're phone no I will be glad to answer all further question, I personally flew the plane several times to the Bahamas (over the the ocean) and I flew it from Oregon to Florida over the rocky mountains 14000ft MSL !!nice Flying newer Cherokee PA 28 - 140B with 150HP one of the last made

unlike the older Cherokees, modern organised panel layout (like the Warrior, Arrow or Archer), throttle quadrant, horn yokes, new style elevator trim, center rocker switches, toe brakes (both sides), new style elevator trim on the floor (not the old overhead crank)

times on last annual:

TT Airframe approx 6900h

Lycoming 150HP Engine SMOH 1480h installed 1997

Propeller 55h since NEW in 2007

actual times but may differ since plane if flown regularly (approx +40h)

all logs since new

fly cheap on Mogas STC available (but not included, no modifications to engine or air-frame required ) cheap to operate 7-8 GPH requires 80/87 octane minimum

tanks already marked 87 Octane

landing incident 2007 professional repaired and release to service,  all subsequent annual inspections since without problems


factory dash fan

shoulder harness on front seats

wheel pants

pilot seat height adjustable

rear seats installed

toe breaks both side

Digital MAC 1700 flip/flop NAV/COM Active/Standby + 10 memories

a couple of the COM standby frequency digits occasionally are missing never bothered me still readable, rest works fine

XMIT and receive works fine

NAV part also works fine and accurate

older Timble TLN 2000 IFR GPS with external annunciator (database outdated therefore no IFR)

2 place intercom

KT76A ATC mode C transponder with encoder

Good running engine 77/80/80/77 on last annual, uses less than one quart of oil in 35h

new battery 9/2013

new RH tire 7/2014

Annual Due 8/2015

logs are complete since the first day (scans on request, but be specific, I am not scanning 100+ pages ....)

already available last pages of airframe, engine. and propeller log

The plane is not a beauty, the paint is flat and the clear coat is coming off see pictures,

The interior is functional but also not nice the pilot seat has holes, seat-covers on the front seats (pictures of course without)

some of the plasic is brittle for the rest look at the pictures

Deposit of $2000 required within 48h after the end of the auction 

Will deliver within the continental US, Caribbean and central America for expenses only (have to be paid in advance)

test flying is of course welcome and recommended, for non buyers the hourly rate is $150/h

the sale might be subject to local sales taxes or fees in you're state in some which are not included in the winning bid

international bidder might also be subject to VAT 

Ask all questions before bidding

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